Welcome to the new and improved treatment room

The new treatment room has a relaxing atmosphere and more space

The new treatment room has a relaxing atmosphere and more space

As many of my past and current patients know, the old treatment room was at the back of the property and was only accessible through the kitchen. When I first opened the practice in 2009, it made sense to use the smaller back room as I was only working part time around my young son. Over the last 5 years the practice has expanded and become much busier. Over the last few months, I have been deliberating about moving it to the front of the house to make it more accessible and a separate entity from the family side of the home. After a discussion with my family about the pros and cons of the move, it became a reality. On a Friday morning I started redecorating the front room and moving the treatment room to it’s new home. By Monday morning, I welcomed my first patient.The new treatment room is bright and airy, and is larger than the previous room, which, I believe, makes it feel more relaxing and comfortable. I have attached a picture so that you can have a sneak preview before your next appointment, and I hope that when you do come in, you like the changes too!

I look forward to welcoming you into the new room soon.

Take care,




  1. Marie McSorley says

    Hi Michelle,

    I really like the look of the new treatment room!

    I must make an appointment with you and try it out soon.

    Kind regards,

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