First Visit

Initial consultations usually last about 60 minute during which time a detailed case history will be taken.

This will cover your reason for visiting, a full medical history and includes an evaluating examination on your posture and movement, muscle and nerve function.

Do please bring any X-ray or MRI imaging Scans and any accompanying letters, if these are available to you, as they would very useful in our assessment of your condition.

In order to treat you effectively you may need to undress to your underwear or as we need to be able to clearly assess the area visually as well as feel and manipulate affected zones.

You will be asked if you feel any tightness or discomfort when different areas of the body are palpated or when asked to make simple movements.

Once the assessment is complete treatment will usually commence immediately using a variety of methods such as soft tissue massage, muscle release techniques and joint manipulation.

Following your initial treatment, you will be provided with a Personal Treatment Plan, which will often include hydrotherapy and an exercise programme for you to follow at home and any further sessions will normally be completed within a 30 minute period.