General health

Various Presentations

“I first received osteopathic treatment following an accident in which I sustained a fractured and dislocated shoulder. I have been having regular treatment from Michelle over the years to maintain the mobility in my shoulder, and also for a range of other conditions including back and neck pain. Michelle is a highly skilled and knowledgeable practitioner. I have no doubt that the range of mobility I now have in my shoulder and arm is due to the excellent treatment from Michelle. I also have appreciated Michelle’s very considerate approach and her patience in explaining the procedures, appropriate exercises and pain relief.” Mrs A. (Age 59)

Treating a child

“I really appreciate how Michelle has worked with my son. He was a bit scared at the beginning and she made him feel comfortable very quickly. Thanks Michelle.” Mrs L. (mother) “It was good to come and see Michelle. I feel better and relaxed after the treatment. It was very useful.” Master L. (Age 9)


“I went to Michelle because of persistent headaches – Michelle is clearly very knowledgeable and easy to get on with, she was able to quickly ascertain what was happening with my spine, make adjustments and then advised me on how to look after it between sessions. She takes a holistic approach, so she advised on nutrition and lifestyle factors as well as postural, and I think that is important. It’s all very well fixing someone’s structure if their lifestyle keeps unpicking the work.” Mrs S. (Age 38)

Sports injuries

“I live a very active life, playing good golf, county cricket for my 50+ age group and real tennis. I have carried various injuries for the last few years and Michelle has been fantastic in keeping me able to play my sport. Her depth of knowledge and remedial technique is the best I have come across in many years of sports therapy. I also find her professional and yet engaging style heals the soul as well as fixing my struggling legs and shoulders. I cannot recommend her more highly.” Mr E. (Age 57)

Massage therapy

“I am probably one of Michelle’s veterans having recently received my 50th treatment from her. I began occasional osteopathy during my first pregnancy when I began suffering with lower back pain and realised osteopathy was an excellent way of ‘future proofing’ skeletal care. I rarely need osteopathy now, but this is largely because a monthly massage with Michelle ensures all ‘working parts’ are functioning to their maximum capacity. Massage with a qualified osteopath provides the best in both therapy and relaxation- a perfect combination from an amazingly skilled woman; who I couldn’t recommend more highly.” Ms D. (Age 57)