Back pain

Lower Back Pain

“When I dropped my phone and simply bent down to pick it up something went in my back. At first I hoped it would pass, but after a few days I decided to call a few people in my local area to try and get some immediate pain relief. Without knowing who to contact, the first two people I tried didn’t answer. With hindsight that was the best thing that could have happened, as the third person I called was Michelle and that is how she became my osteopath.

Michelle treated my back over a series of sessions and also treated me for an ankle injury. Due to the complexity of the back structure, every treatment was different. Michelle focused her work each week on the immediate problem, by first routinely assessing and diagnosing the problem.
Having had about 7 or 8 visits, and with the variety of treatment that I have now experienced, I can safely say that Michelle is an expert in her field. She is extremely knowledgeable and is an exemplar individual who practices fully what she preached. She actively promotes a healthy lifestyle and this comes across in abundance within her work. Treatments include massage, stretching, deep tissue massage, ‘popping’ my nack and exercises for homework between sessions.

I think that she is a fantastic osteopath and I would highly recommend her, and I have, in fact, done so. Unlike me, you have the opportunity to make her your first call. If you are in pain, then what are you waiting for? Get dialling ….”

Mr F. (Age 37)

Lower Back Pain after car accident

“I had a bad car accident and hurt my lower back. A friend recommended Michelle’s services to me and after conducting a number of sessions I felt a vast improvement. She gave me exercises and stretches to carry out at home after my treatment. I would have no hesitation in recommending Zest Health’s services to anyone.”

Miss C. (Age 30)

Neck and shoulder pain radiating into arm, after a road traffic accident

“Before I came to Zest Health I was a bit sceptical about Osteopathy. But after my first session with Michelle, I felt immediate relief of my shoulder blade pain. The pins and needles in my right fingers were relieved after a few sessions.
The home based clinic atmosphere creates feelings of comfort and security. Michelle’s ways and techniques to find the reason of pain helped me to recover quickly and effectively from my illness. Many thanks Michelle!”

Miss V. (Age 37)

Disc Injury

“I woke up one day, one day in the autumn of 2012, with a very painful lower back. At first I thought I had just slept in a bad position and if I took a few painkillers that the pain would go away. Unfortunately, the pain grew ever more excruciating over the next couple of days, to the point that I could hardly walk or stand up. That is how I showed up on Michelle’s doorstep, half bent, looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, and wincing in pain.

Straight away, Michelle was very nice and professional. After examining me carefully, she diagnosed a prolapsed disc in my lower back and she explained precisely what that meant, and what the best course of action was. Over the course of the next few days she managed to get me standing straight and walking again. This meant I only missed two days of work.

Michelle was very good, and effective, at manipulating my muscles and nerves to reduce the inflammation of the disc and lower the pain. She really helped me.
Finally, I was impressed by the fact that she did not only help with the immediate disc prolapse problem, she also taught me some very useful exercises to improve my core strength. My back has been better ever since.”

Miss G. (Age 45)

Lower Back Pain

“I was treated by Michelle for a back problem after she was personally recommended to me. I found her very professional and skilled in her approach, with a friendly manner, which put me at ease. More importantly, she solved my back problem and got me moving again.”

Mrs R. (Age 56)

Knee injury and lower back pain

“My partner and I have used both the Osteopathy and Physiotherapy services of Michelle and have always had great results. I love the fact that Michelle always keeps you in the loop with what she is doing and what she is working on at each visit and that if she feels we have maybe plateaued, she will always have further suggestions on what we could do to move ahead and make further improvements. I have already recommended Michelle to many a friend and will continue to do so. Michelle is totally professional in her approach yet is always personable at the same time.”

Miss W. (Age 41)