Cranial Osteopathy


Cranial osteopathy is the most gentle form of osteopathy and as such is an approach particularly suited to children and babies. All practitioners are taught these gentle methods at undergraduate level, but many go on to do post-graduate level courses specifically in the cranial field. Using very small, fine adjustments the osteopath gently adjusts the connections between tissues that have been restricted through tension and release them, creating movement in areas that have become ‘stuck’.

Although this treatment is mostly suited to the younger person it can be used as a very useful adjunctive treatment for adults.

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Key Benefits

Cranial osteopathy is a highly effective treatment as it aims to treat the whole person and not just a particular condition. It can improve general circulation and reduce tension allowing the body to find its optimum functioning capacity.

Who is it for

As a gentle but effective approach the technique may be used in a wide range of conditions for people of all ages, from birth to old age. It can be particularly useful for pre and post partum mothers, and babies and children. Babies’ skeletons are softer than an adult’s and osteopaths will therefore use gentler techniques to treat babies. This gentle manipulation could help to soothe and relax your baby.

First Visit vs Ongoing Treatment

While Cranial Osteopathy can be highly effective at relieving symptoms the system aims to treat the whole person not just the condition, so a very wide range of situations may benefit from treatment.  The result still remains: an area of pain and a dysfunction in our biomechanical structure that requires attention.

Improvements to the patients general health can often be seen after a few short sessions and then maybe only occasional treatments would be required to keep the body functioning correctly.