Personal Treatment Plans

Michelle believes that you are unique, and so must be your treatment plan.

This may include a variety of treatment options, suited to your needs on that particular day. This may include gentle mobilisation movements, soft tissue manipulation, joint manipulation or gentle cranial osteopathic techniques or a combination of some or all.

After you understand completely the nature of your condition you will be given further advice on posture, a range of exercises to prevent a repetition of the problem, advice on diet, lifestyle and ergonomic behaviour for you to practice at home in order to maintain the results of the treatment.

Most patients start to feel symptomatic relief after 1-2 sessions. However, in the case of a more chronic presentation, a longer course of treatment may be required.

Many patients choose to benefit from a regular maintenance programme of either Osteopathy or massage once their initial complaint has been relieved.

In some cases, maintenance sessions will be necessary so as to prevent a patient from lapsing back into old habits. These sessions will help you:

  • Maintain good posture

  • Check you are doing your exercise prescription correctly

  • Get new exercises to add to your exercise plan

  • Review your diet and nutrition if necessary

  • Check your stress management techniques (very important as patients often adopt bad posture when under stress and do not sleep or eat well which hinders the repair of cell tissues).

  • Patients with manual jobs will often find maintenance sessions especially useful in preventing injuries and thus reduce the amount of time taken off work.