Make a healthier pancake today

Healthy-Oatmeal-PancakesToday is traditionally called Shrove Tuesday, but in Britain, it is commonly termed ‘Pancake Day’. For most of us, it gives us a good reason to indulge in eating more than we should! The average pancake tops 300 calories and around 12g fat.

Here are some tips on making healthier pancake choices:

The base – white flour causes a spike in your blood sugar and keeps you going back for more. Instead of using white flour, you could try making the base out of ground almonds, mashed banana or sweet potato, which all contain slow release sugar.

The filling – Nutella has 200 calories and 12g fat. Instead, try melting 70% dark chocolate chips with some hazelnut spread to make your own delicious chocolate spread.

Feta and beetroot make an alternative savoury option to the fat-packing bacon and cheese version. If jam is your favourite choice, swop it for chia seeds which have been soaked in apple juice and then blended. They contain much less sugar!

The oil – Olive oil has many health benefits but it has a high saturated fat content. Try using canola or rapeseed oil. Coconut oil, although high in saturated fat, is easier to digest and is not stored as fat, and it tastes great too.

The toppings – What goes on top of your pancake is what usually adds the most calories! Golden syrup is high in fructose, and keeps you wanting more. Switch to a natural sweetener, such as maple syrup. If you normally like ice-cream, blitz some berries with low-fat yoghurt and freeze. Cheesy sauces are not great for you – so try fat-free yoghurt, spinach and a touch of lemon juice for a healthier option.

Once you decide on what healthier ingredients you’d like to use, have a look on the internet for some variations on the recipes. There are some great ones for you to try. Happy healthy Pancake Day!

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