1. Zest Health’s Internal Complaints Resolution

Initially, I would request that you contact me directly, either via email or telephone as this gives me the opportunity to resolve the matter in the most direct way. If I cannot speak at the time, I will arrange a mutually convenient opportunity to do so, preferably in person.

How to contact me:
Mobile: 077594 84655

2. Peer Complaints Resolution

Should I not be able to resolve your complaint satisfactorily, or if you wish to speak to another practitioner, please contact  my local osteopathic colleague, Mr Peter Wright. He will provide an “external perspective”, listen to your concern and then mediate resolution with me. His contact details are:

Mr Peter Wright – 07912108865

3. Institute of Osteopathy Complaints Resolution Service

If you still do not feel that your complaint has been resolved by me to your satisfaction, you can talk to an independent source about it by ringing the Institue of Osteopathy on
01582 488 455 or email:

4. General Osteopathic Council

If the situation has still not been resolved to your satisfaction and you wish to instigate a formal complaint with the regulatory body, the General Osteopathic Council can be contacted on
0207 3576655

Please note that the General Osteopathic Council cannot award compensation.